41st Street Bridge Replacement

City of Philadelphia | Philadelphia County, PA

This work consisted of providing Preliminary and Final Design Engineering services for the proposed reconstruction of the 41st Street Bridge, retaining wall, and catenary structures in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The project is located across Amtrak’s railroad tracks just south of Poplar Street and north of Westminster Avenue in the City of Philadelphia.

The proposed bridge structure was a two-span continuous composite steel plate girder bridge supported by two concrete abutments and one concrete pier. The southern span, from the South Abutment over the Amtrak tracks, is 120 feet in length, and the northern span, over the abandoned Norfolk Southern tracks, is 112 feet in length. The recommended foundation type for all substructures on the bridge was drilled shafts (caissons). Also, detailed geotechnical analyses were performed, foundation recommendations were provided for the foundations for the proposed catenary structures and a new retaining wall adjacent to the proposed bridge.

During preliminary design, soils reconnaissance and geological investigation was performed for the final design structure in accordance with PennDOT’s Design Manual Part 1, Design Manual 4, and Publications 222 and 293. Reconnaissance consisted of searching published and unpublished information, consulting with City and PennDOT personnel, performing a visual site inspection, developing a subsurface exploration program to identify and summarize potential problem areas, and discussing subsurface exploration requirements.

During final design, AEG performed the Subsurface Investigation and Testing Program, prepared the Structure Foundation Geotechnical Report (SFGR), and assisted in the preparation of specifications and details as they relate to the final contract documents. The drilling program encountered hazardous material and required special treatments for handling purposes during the investigation and during construction activities.