Bloomsburg Park Master Plan

Town of Bloomsburg | Columbia County, PA

AEG was awarded this contract to provide engineering, environmental, geotechnical and water resources services to Bloomsburg for the Bloomsburg Park Master Plan located along the Susquehanna River.

AEG was selected to develop a master plan that will reconnect the community to the river, promote economic development, provide channel stabilization and riparian development and ensure continued protection from destructive flooding. It will help Bloomsburg make its park and facilities more accessible, more efficient and less maintenance intensive. The master plan will enable the community to set priorities for future improvements, whether they are sports facilities or memorials, civic areas or nature retreats, playgrounds or events areas.

Some of AEG’s specific responsibilities include:

• Assessing stormwater and runoff issues within the park and look into means and measures to mitigate erosion and sedimentation.
• Promote enhancement of stormwater quality.
• Investigate means and measures to reduce park maintenance and downtime after flood events.
• Assess master plan design with respect to State and Federal permit requirements and municipal ordinances.
• Universal access to a viewing area for all sports fields and play courts – and reasonable access from handicapped parking to these areas.
• Pedestrian pathways to safely relocate joggers and walkers off of vehicular roadways.
• Lagoon waterfront plantings to stem the slow progression of bank erosion while discouraging the local Canadian goose population from fouling water edge areas.
• Consideration of repositioning the pool pump and filter above normal flood levels.
• Opportunities for better access to both the lagoon and the river.

The planning process also re-examined past assumptions regarding the Park and its surrounds. While some major facilities such as the pool, bandshell, and play courts will remain in their current locations, the master plan will examine whether some play fields and planned new improvements should remain in their current or planned locations.