Brunner Island

Private Client | York County, PA

The Brunner Island Steam Electric Station has been producing electricity fueled by coal since the 1960’s. Forty years later, advanced technologies were implemented in an effort to reduce atmospheric emissions and reduce the byproducts of coal consumption. These efforts were manifested via a massive rehabilitation project that re-invented the facility to meet the demands of 21st century energy production and environmental stewardship.

AEG, previously branded as GTS Technologies, Inc., played a major role in the successful completion of this ambitious project. After our extensive involvement with the design and construction oversight of the decommissioning of the Saxton Nuclear Reactor and concurrent construction-phase involvement at the PPL Montour Station facility in Montoursville, the company was known and trusted in the energy industry.

AEG performed an extensive subsurface investigation at the site including geophysical surveys and geotechnical boring programs. AEG’s in-house AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory was utilized to test soil and rock samples for strength and corrosive potential. AEG’s expert geotechnical specialists then assisted with foundation design calculations and provided foundation recommendations that were used for the ultimate successful completion of the project, part of which was constructed over an abandoned ash disposal area.

As a major contributor to the geotechnical engineering performed for the project’s foundation design, AEG remained on the project during the construction-phase, overseeing the installation of over 1,700 auger-cast piles and performing materials testing on the grout used in the piles and the concrete poured into the foundations of the various structures, and performing nuclear gauge compaction testing on fill and asphalt placed in various locations throughout the island. AEG also provided oversight during the installation of a 30-inch natural gas pipeline inside the facility to the combustion chambers; thereby fulfilling the goals of the project for multiple fuel capabilities and reduced waste and byproduct storage. AEG provided extensive survey and construction stake-out services to the owner and numerous contractors for this project, as well. AEG was a valued partner for the completion of the Brunner Island Steam Electric Station retrofit from foundation design through oversight during construction of the facilities.