Byberry Bridge

PennDOT District 6-0 | Philadelphia County, PA

This work consists of providing Preliminary Engineering, Final Design, and Construction Services for the proposed reconstruction of the Byberry Road Bridge in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The project is located across CSX’s railroad tracks just north of the U.S. Route 1 and State Route 63 interchange in the City of Philadelphia.

The bridge is situated in bedrock from the Wissahickon Formation, which is a well known schist rock that is often highly weathered to a moderate depth. The weathering results in a hard-to-define bedrock surface, typically associated with poor recovery and very broken bedrock.

AEG is responsible for Preliminary Geotechnical Engineering Report (PGER) Studies for the bridge, approach roadway, and two retaining walls along the western side of the proposed bridge structure; coordination and oversight of the drilling program including preparation of the Subsurface Exploration Plan and Boring Contract; full-time field oversight of the borings by Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT)- certified drilling inspectors; soils and rock laboratory testing; and preparation of plotted logs. AEG is preparing foundation recommendations and will submit a Final Structure Foundation Report for the structure replacement. In addition, AEG will provide consultation as needed during the construction phase of this project.

The overhead electric and communication wires, as well as the underground utilities (fiber optic, water, gas and sewer) run throughout the project. High voltage transmission lines cross Byberry Road to the North of the existing structure. Overhead transmission lines parallel the existing structure to the West. A gas main, supported by its own structure, parallels the existing structure to the East.

It is anticipated that continuous split-spoon sampling and NX/NQ rock cores will be performed for the roadway and structure borings during the Preliminary Design phase of the project.