Cedar Spring Run Park

Lower Allen Township | Cumberland County, PA

As a subconsultant, AEG provided necessary streambank, aquatic habitat, and environmental features assessments as well as forested riparian buffer recommendations for the Cedar Spring Run Park Master Plan located near a former extension of Simpson Ferry Road, one of the original roads in Cumberland County. In more recent times, the Cedar Spring Run Park area has seen residential and light industrial use, and parts of the project area have been occupied by a bus garage, a tractor trailer parking area, and a large gravel lot.

In line with renewed interest in community development, the master site plan’s goal is to restore and enhance the existing stream and green area to create a park environment that will connect the Township’s newly constructed municipal services center with several nearby residential neighborhoods that do not have park access. The master site plan is also intended to spur regeneration of green space and environmental stewardship in the Township.

AEG suggested improvements to the project area, including riparian buffers, streambank stabilization, stormwater retrofits, and improved site design. Recommendations for restoring the riparian vegetation included removal of undesirable species and follow-up riparian fringe planting with specific desirable species. Recommendations for stormwater treatment techniques included protecting and restoring the riparian/forest buffer, using and enhancing natural flow paths, and incorporating green stormwater BMPs. The project also provided additional opportunities to educate residents and nearby communities on how BMP use could improve Cedar Spring Run’s water quality.

AEG also performed preliminary infiltration testing, additional aquatic habitat and macroinvertebrate assessments of Cedar Spring Run, and determined that the current marginal habitat could be improved by stream stabilization/restoration measures. We supplied a menu of proposed restoration measures along with the permitting requirements for each measure or action.

AEG was awarded the preliminary Engineering and Final Design contract to progress the concepts developed in the Master Plan through to construction. AEG’s responsibilities included, Field Surveys, Subsurface Boring Investigations, Bridge Foundation Recommendations, Infiltration Testing, BMP Designs, E&S Control Plans, Stream Encroachment and Floodplain Analyses, Regulatory/NPDES permitting, and Development of Plans Specifications and Estimates.