Chester Valley Trail Phase IVa

Chester County | Chester County, PA

The purpose of the Chester Valley Trail Project is to provide a fully-accessible paved trail that will be 10-12 feet wide with approximately 66-foot wide right-of-way. Crosswalks will be provided at street crossings with bollards to slow trail traffic before the crossings and to restrict access by motorized vehicles. Bridges will be constructed for pedestrians to safely cross heavily-traveled roads. The Chester Valley Trail currently averages 30,000 users per month from April to October. Permitted uses on the trail include non-motorized cycling and scooters, walking, jogging, and inline skating.

The Chester Valley Trail Phase IVa project is located in West Whiteland Township and within the Valley Creek Watershed. This project will continue the trail approximately 1-mile to the west of the current terminus at Main Street in Exton and will provide a connection to the Oakland’s Corporate Center.

The trail will be paved and the multi-use path will comply with all ADA requirements. This project requires surveys, acquisition of real estate, environmental, permitting, preliminary and final designs of trail and structures. AEG is involved with the preliminary and final design of a bridge, retaining walls, and inspection and rehabilitation of a multi-cell culvert.

AEG prepared Type, Size, and Location (TS&L) and Final design and plans for the 140-feet prefabricated steel truss bridge over South Whitford Road as per current PennDOT Design Manual. AEG also completed an inspection of the existing 3-cell reinforced concrete culvert and prepared a condition report. This report reviewed and assessed culvert geometry, existing channel and channel protection conditions, existing wingwall and culvert conditions, existing roadway conditions over the culverts, and the estimated remaining life of the culverts. The prefabricated block retaining walls to support the elevated approach trail sections on both sides of the bridge were also designed.