Construction Services

American Engineers Group, LLC (AEG) is a professional minority-owned consulting firm that provides construction monitoring and materials testing services to complement and support our wide range of technical design services including geotechnical, structural, and civil engineering, and environmental and surveying services. Construction-phase services allows AEG to be a valuable team member from conception to completion of most projects.

AEG provides construction services for commercial, transportation, industrial, and energy projects. Our knowledgeable and certified field staff performs construction monitoring and construction documentation, materials testing, construction inspection, quality control and quality assurance services; along with design-build engineering, and construction scheduling. Our clients include local, state, and federal agencies, private industries, institutions, and energy providers. Construction inspectors at AEG, with support from our diversely educated and experienced staff of professionals, have the resources and knowledge to understand and mitigate nearly any challenge that may present itself during the course of a project. Project monitoring is always overseen by a subject specialist and reviewed by a professional.

Construction-phase quality control/quality assurance services can be the responsibility of a number of entities, and AEG has the experience and integrity needed to provide these services to the responsible party, and to oversee quality control/quality assurance efforts in the best interest of project goals. AEG has assisted in monitoring and development of quality control programs for projects with such requirements as a condition of permit approval, and has provided quality control materials testing services to site contractors, facility owners, design-build firms, public agencies, architects, and professional engineers. AEG has also performed construction monitoring and inspection along with documentation and response development, for contractor Requests for Information for bridges, retaining walls, and embankment slopes, along with in-stream and stream bank protection structures, storm water management facilities, and wetland mitigation sites that were designed in-house for substantial highway infrastructure projects throughout Pennsylvania.

AEG’s in-house Materials Testing Laboratory, located at our Harrisburg office, is certified as an AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory (ARML) and is accredited by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Our Materials Testing Laboratory provides an array of geotechnical and construction- phase tests such as soil classification, proctor, and strength tests, and unconfined compressive strength testing of rock, concrete, and masonry materials. Our Materials testing laboratory is overseen by a professional engineer, which adds additional capabilities for Quality Control monitoring.

Let’s discuss how American Engineers Group, LLC can assist with your construction-phase needs.

Construction Services

• Transportation Construction Inspection
• Construction Oversight and Documentation
• QC and QA Inspections
• Nuclear gauge compaction testing for
◦ Soils and aggregates
◦ Asphalt
• Concrete sampling and testing
• Grout and mortar sampling and testing
• Pre-Cast concrete inspections
• Foundation inspections
◦ Shallow foundation soil strength and rock integrity confirmation
◦ Deep foundation installation oversight
• Rebar inspections
AMRL and USACE-Certified Materials Testing Laboratory
• Vibration and noise monitoring
• Design-build sinkhole repairs

For assistance with construction services please contact:
Eric S. Weltmer, Construction Services Manager, @ or 717-920-7054