Construction Services

American Engineers Group, LLC provides construction testing services for commercial, transportation, industrial, and energy projects. Our knowledgeable and certified field staff provides construction inspection, quality control and assurance services, oversight and documentation, and materials testing. Our clients include local, state, and federal agencies, private industries, institutions, and energy providers in Central and Southwestern Pennsylvania.

American Engineers Group, LLC is a professional MBE/DBE/SDB/SBE certified consulting firm, providing geotechnical, environmental, and civil engineering along with water resources, construction, and surveying services to clients in the public and private sectors. Our corporate headquarters is located in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, with a branch offices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, which houses an AMRL certified materials testing lab.

Construction and Testing Services

• Transportation Construction Inspection
• Construction Oversight and Documentation
• QC and QA Inspections
• Nuclear Gauge Compaction Testing For Soils and Aggregates as well as Asphalt
• Concrete Sampling and Testing
• Grout and Mortar Sampling and Testing
• Pre-Cast Concrete Inspections
• Foundation Inspections
• Shallow Foundation Soil Strength Confirmation
• Deep Foundation Installation Oversight
• Rebar Inspections
• Floor Flatness Testing
AMRL Certified Materials Testing Laboratory
• Surveys and Stake-Outs
• Project Oversight and Documentation
• Pre-Construction Geotechnical Investigations
• Geophysical Surveys
• Inclinometer and Piezometer Installation/Monitoring
• Design-Build Engineering Services
• Vibration and Noise Monitoring
• Design-Build Sinkhole Repairs

For assistance with construction services please contact:
Eric S. Weltmer, Construction Services Manager, @ or 717-920-7054