Delaware County ADA Ramps and Pedestrian Study

PennDOT District 6-0 | Delaware County, PA

This project involves design-build related services for 281 ADA ramps distributed over five (5) projects areas and fifty-three (53) intersections throughout Delaware County, Pennsylvania within PennDOT District 6-0. A summary breakdown of the project areas includes:

The project also includes certain other improvements:

• 38 Intersections along S.R. 2006
• 2 intersections along S.R. 1028
• 1 Intersection along S.R. 1010
• 12 Intersections along S.R. 2016

Specifically, the scope of services includes the design and preparation of drawings for the construction of curb ramps as required to provide pedestrian access in accordance with the policy and design criteria in Publication 13,Design Manual Part 2, Chapter 6 and Publication 72M, Roadway Construction Standards RC-67M. The resulting contract documents are to identify the locations where pedestrian curb ramps are proposed in order to meet vehicular and pedestrian safety parameters and to detail their construction.

Included in the scope is the completion of field surveys to determine existing utility/site conditions and the preparation of Traffic Signal Permit Plans when curb ramp installations necessitate revisions to the existing Traffic Signal Permit Plans.

Also included within this scope is the completion of engineering studies to determine the need for pedestrian accommodation at an intersection, in accordance with PennDOT Publication 149 by evaluating the current pedestrian use including documenting near-by land uses, existence of worn paths and any observed activity at the intersection, as well as to evaluate the existing pedestrian facilities at the intersection including but not limited to crosswalks, curb ramps, sidewalks, trails, bus stops and pedestrian signal equipment, evaluate existing pedestrian facilities for compliance with current Department standards, and evaluate any existing features that restrict or could restrict pedestrian movement.