For more than 50 years, public agencies and private industries have relied on AEG to identify and preserve the earth’s limited natural resources as infrastructure is built to serve a growing population. Whether it’s replacing a wetland, cleaning up a polluted stream, or saving an endangered animal species, AEG’s environmental services have helped to save valuable, disappearing natural resources and fragile habitats while enabling development to exist in harmony with the earth’s natural resources.

Innovative Designs

From award-winning projects like our design of a system to treat acid mine drainage pollution to assessing the environmental impacts from state highway projects in Pennsylvania and Virginia, the AEG name is well known for its work in environmental management and related services throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. As a leader in this specialized field, we are frequently called upon to assess the impacts, prevent damage from occurring and devise methods to treat, restore and enhance the environment once damage is done.

AEG Stream Team

The AEG Stream Team combines expertise from several disciplines to work with municipalities, regional watershed groups and others in watershed assessment and planning projects. AEG applies its expertise in hydrology and hydraulics, biology, river and stream restoration, planning and public involvement to create a strong team to take the comprehensive approach needed to assess, plan and implement watershed protection initiatives.

Environmental and Related Services

• Categorical Exclusions
• Environmental Assessments
• Environmental Impact Statements
• Section 4(f) Evaluations and 2002 Reports
• Wetland Identification and Delineation
• Terrestrial/Aquatic Ecological Investigations
• Threatened and Endangered Species Coordination
• Water Quality Investigations
• River and Stream Restoration and Enhancement
• Wetland Replacement and Enhancement
• Planting Plan Designs
• Floodplain Restoration
• Stormwater Renovation
• Acid Mine Drainage Abatement
• Abandoned Mine Reclamation
• Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments
• Act 2 Compliance
• Health and Safety Audits
• Hazard Evaluations and Risk Assessments
• Closure Assessments
• CERCLA / RCRA Assessments
• Contaminant Assessment and Remediation
• Environmental Testing and Monitoring
• Public Involvement / Media Relations

Permitting Services

• Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans
• Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans
• Municipal Waste General Permit
• Construction Period Erosion Control Permits
• Post-Construction Stormwater Management Permits
• NPDES Stormwater Sampling and Inspections
• State Floodplain/Waterway/ Wetland Encroachment Permits
• Municipal Stormwater Discharge Permits
• U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Section 404 Permits
• NPDES Permitting & Compliance

For assistance with environmental engineering services please contact:
Andrew C. Parker, Director of Environmental Services, @ aparker@aegroup-llc.com or 717-920-7021