Five Senses Park

Swatara Township, Dauphin County, PA

AEG coordinated with H. Edward Black & Associates, PC on the firm’s creation of a unique park area as part of the engineering and environmental services AEG provided for the replacement of S.R. 0441 at the South 28th Street Crossing over Spring Creek in Swatara Township, Dauphin County. The park provides a respite for those using the Harrisburg area “Green Belt” trail, and a place for quiet reflection in close proximity to a major shopping mall and commercial development.

AEG also performed environmental studies and report generation, hydrology and hydraulics, geotechnical investigations and mitigation design services for the S.R. 0441 bridge replacement project. AEG was responsible for the environmental clearance documentation, which included a wetland identification and delineation report, a statewide wetland finding, and a hazardous waste investigation. AEG executed the required environmental studies related to the preparation of the CEE. Research begun under the initial project phase was used as the basis for mitigation proposal during the final design phase.

AEG was responsible for the preparation of the stormwater mitigation plans and flood channel improvements, which included the application of stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) designs, natural channel restoration using bioengineering techniques, and a relocated storm drainage pipe outfall basin.