Our geotechnical experience for transportation projects is extensive, with numerous geotechnical projects completed in the last decade alone. Moreover, the diverse technical background of AEG’s staff enables us to view projects in the context of the “big picture,” including the need to balance infrastructure development with protection of the environment.

Beneath the Surface

AEG has amassed formidable experience in engineering geology, soils and rock mechanics, scour analysis, and foundation engineering for the design, inspection, and construction of civil and transportation projects. AEG has provided geotechnical recommendations and/or complete design services for determining appropriate foundation types, foundation elements, site preparation and grading, and construction procedures.

In addition to providing analysis and design services, AEG is experienced in the use of detailed quality control procedures to monitor the construction of many types of earthen structures and foundations. AEG is skilled in traditional investigation methods as well as specialized state-of-the-art geophysical techniques.

Our experience also includes field reconnaissance, preparation of drilling contracts and specifications; supervision and inspection of subsurface exploration; and preparation of geologic logs, sections, and profiles.

Geotechnical Services

• Soil and Rock Foundation Investigation and Design
• Dam and Impoundment Design and Instrumentation
• Embankments, Earth Structures, and Retaining Walls
• Landslide Evaluation and Remediation
• Slope Stability Analysis
• Geosynthetic Design
• Seepage Analysis and Control
• Groundwater and Dewatering Systems
• Shoring Design Support
• Foundation Distress Investigations
• Ground Modification Engineering
• Grouting/Subgrade Improvement Design and Oversight
• AMRL/USACE Certified Laboratory Testing
• Geologic Hazards/Seismic Evaluations
• Mining and Subsidence Evaluations
• Structural Geology/ Fault Mapping
• Borrow Source and Material Inventories
• Properties and Classifications of Rocks/Rock Masses
• Sinkhole Investigations and Repair
• Geophysical Studies
• Hydrogeologic Studies

For assistance with geotechnical engineering services please contact:
Craig T. Welfer,P.E., Director of Geotechnical Services, @ or 717-920-7053