I-95 BSR Delaware Expressway

PennDOT District 6-0 | Philadelphia County, PA

AEG is the geotechnical lead for preliminary and final design for the SR 0095, Section BSR (I-95) project. This project will completely reconstruct I-95 and its bridges and widen the interstate to five lanes in each direction from Margaret Street to Levick Street, a 2.1 mile section of I-95 that runs from just south of the Cottman Avenue through the Bridge Street interchanges. AEG is also performing geotechnical and pavement designs for ramps and numerous off-route improvements both for Section BSR and for the joint construction let with SR 0095, Section BR1. Off-route pavement designs included verification of adequacy of City of Philadelphia standard pavement sections. In addition to the mainline structure replacements, geotechnical design for viaducts, numerous retaining walls, sound barriers, sign and ITS structures, new ramps and embankments, decommissioned or relocated ramps, and relocated public utilities is anticipated. AEG has already successfully executed subsurface investigations involving stringent maintenance and protection of traffic requirements, utility coordination, and nighttime work.

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