I-95 CPR Delaware Expressway

PennDOT District 6-0 | Philadelphia County, PA

AEG provided geotechnical design and is currently providing construction consultation services for the reconstruction of 1.4 miles of I-95 in Northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; from Levick Street to the State Road Viaduct, including reconfiguration of the Cottman and Princeton Avenue modified directional interchange complex. The project included widening the SR 0095 mainline to four continuous lanes in each direction, eliminating the lane drops within the interchange complex, constructing two new southbound entrance ramps, realigning existing exit and entrance ramps, and providing off-route improvements. AEG also provided survey, pavement, hazardous materials, and roadside development services. Awarded in 2012, the $213.2 million Section CP2 was the largest construction contract in PennDOT history.

AEG developed and performed the subsurface geotechnical investigations for the entire project, which included 7 mainline structure replacements, widening of 16 spans of the State Road Viaduct, 16 retaining walls, and sign structures. The urban environment presented some challenges during subsurface investigations, especially in off-route areas, requiring vacuum excavation to facilitate drilling operations through the complex utility infrastructure in the city. Cone penetrometer testing was also performed to supplement site subsurface data.

AEG completed geotechnical foundation designs for the Viaduct widening, 11 retaining walls, sign structures, and other facilities, and assisted others with the remaining geotechnical designs. AEG performed mainline and off-route pavement designs, including life cycle cost analyses, and adopted high performance concrete pavement specifications for the project.

Throughout the course of this project, AEG tested more than 460 different samples using our in-house materials testing laboratory, which is certified as an AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL) and United States Corps of Engineers-certified soil/rock and material testing laboratory. AEG performed soil strength tests including Direct Shear, California Bearing Ratio, and Soil Unconfined Compressive Strength Tests; index tests including USCS Classification Tests, Atterberg limits, and Hydrometer Analyses. AEG also performed chemical tests on soil and water including pH and Resistivity tests.

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