Laboratory Testing & Inspections

As a multidisciplinary consulting firm, AEG strives to be efficient and cost-effective by providing clients with a wide array of in-house complementary services, including our full-service laboratory testing and inspection services conducted from our Harrisburg, PA, branch. Amidst development and financial pressures, AEG’s testing and inspection services ensure stability and quality, helping to make way for progress while continuing to preserve and protect the environment.

With a fully equipped in-house soils testing laboratory in Harrisburg, PA, AEG offers an extensive range of testing and inspection capabilities that can be performed timely and accurately with quality and cost control. Our soils testing laboratory is certified by the AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL) for AASHTO and ASTM.

We have performed work for public-sector clients, such as state and federal government agencies, as well as private industrial, commercial, and environmental clients and contractors. Our clients include:

• Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
• Virginia Department of Transportation
• New Jersey Department of Transportation
• U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
• Pennsylvania Turnpike
• Industries
• Commercial Businesses
• Environmental Organizations

Laboratory Testing Services

• Rock Core Compression Testing
• Concrete Cylinder Curing and Testing
• Soil Index Property Testing
• Soil Compaction (Moisture Density) Testing
• Soil Strength Testing
• Consolidation Testing
• Soil and Water Corrosivity Testing
• Consolidation Testing

Geotechnical Field-Testing & Inspection Services

• Inclinometer/Piezometer Installation
• Core Boring Inspection
• Geophysical Testing and Evaluations
• Field Permeability
• Vibration Testing
• Grouting Inspection
• Sinkhole / Subsidence Remediation

Construction Field-Testing & Inspection Services

• Concrete Inspection and Strength Testing
• Foundation Inspection
• Caisson Inspection
• Subgrade and Compaction Testing

For assistance with laboratory testing services please contact:
Sushil Adhikari,P.E., Laboratory Manager, @ or 717-920-7060