Laboratory Testing & Inspections

As a multi-disciplinary consulting firm, AEG strives to be efficient and cost-effective by providing clients with a wide array of in-house services, including our full-service laboratory testing and inspection services conducted from our Harrisburg, PA office. Amidst development and financial pressures, AEG’s testing and inspection services ensure stability and quality, throughout all phases at project design and completion.

With our fully equipped in-house soils testing laboratory, AEG offers an extensive range of testing and inspection capabilities that can be performed timely and accurately. Our soils testing laboratory is AASHTO-certified.

AEG has performed work for public-sector clients, such as state and federal government agencies, as well as private industrial, commercial, and environmental clients and contractors.

AEG encompasses an impressive volume of geotechnical and laboratory projects with a proven track record in geotechnical design and construction; deep foundation engineering including drilled shaft design, construction and testing, including CSL; and remediation of geological and geotechnical hazards such as rock falls, landslides, mine hazards, and karst features, including sinkholes. With our experienced staff and in-house certified laboratory, AEG is the right choice for any materials testing project.

Soil Index Property Testing

■ USCS Soil Classification
■ Specific Gravity
■ Organic Content
■ Shelby Tube Extraction and Testing

Soil Strength Testing

■ California Bearing Ratio
■ Direct Shear
■ Soil Unconfined Compressive Strength

Additional Soil Testing

■ Consolidation
■ Permeability
■ Chemical Tests

Construction Materials Testing

■ Standard/Modified Proctor Soil Tests
■ Unconfined Compressive Strength Tests- Concrete, Mortar, Grout

For assistance with laboratory testing services please contact:
Sushil Adhikari,P.E., Laboratory Manager, @ or 717-920-7060