Livingston Manor

Livingston Manor, NY; USACE, Philadelphia District, and New York Department of Environmental Conservation

AEG was selected as prime contractor to assist the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Philadelphia District (USACE) and the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (NYDEC) to prepare the Livingston Manor Feasibility Study to provide recommendations for potential flood risk management solutions. The proposed flood protection project, involves the restoration of the Little Beaver Kill (LBK), near the airport and high school fields, and the widening of the LBK floodplain below the Main Street Bridge. The objective of the site investigation is to evaluate the various soil layers encountered in that area of the project, which may include buried floodplain wetland, organic, clay or similar soil layers. An evaluation shall also be conducted for the presence of potential Hazardous Toxic Radioactive Wastes (HTRW) within the project area. Analysis and observations of soil layers within the project area may help identify any soil layers that can be potentially set aside during excavation for use during floodplain restoration and aid in the identification of potential areas of concern. Analysis and observations of soil layers and soil chemistry along the Pearl Street (within Livingston Manor) restoration site will help identify potential areas of concern. AEG was responsible for: Overall project management and administration; Development of work and Safety programs; Design analyses for flood control structures as well as recommendations; Design and perform subsurface boring program; Perform geotechnical sampling and testing; Perform environmental sampling and testing for volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds and inorganic compounds; Conduct field surveys; and utility clearance.