Marshall's Creek

PennDOT District 5-0 | Monroe County, PA

SR 0209 is a major north-south arterial highway located in the heart of the Pocono Mountain resort area and links to I-80 and I-84. Tremendous residential growth has occurred over the past two decades with many of the new residents commuting daily to employment centers along the I-80 and I-84 corridors in New Jersey and New York. This work consisted of providing engineering and environmental services for the proposed relocation of existing S.R. 0209 to bypass the Village of Marshall’s Creek to the east in Smithfield and Middle Smithfield Townships, Monroe County.

AEG’s Geotechnical Department was responsible for the review of geologic structure and rock formations as a means of identifying pyrite-bearing rock; and therefore, possible sources of acid rock drainage (ARD) in areas of proposed roadway cut.

Services included ARD literature review, field mapping, acid-base testing program design, and providing recommendations for ARD mitigation. Our staff participated in technical presentations to PennDOT, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, and Monroe County Conservation District.