Municipal Consulting Services

As communities develop, AEG can become a valuable partner to help them balance the need to create and maintain strong infrastructure systems with environmental considerations. With a diverse range of municipal, municipal authority and environmental services, AEG is dedicated to maintaining a balance between progress, the earth’s limited resources and the environment.

For more than 27 years, we served continuously as consulting engineer to New Garden Township in Chester County, PA, performing a wide range of services to address the Township’s expanding infrastructure and environmental needs, including wastewater engineering, stormwater management, traffic and transportation improvements, and subdivision reviews.

Municipal / Civil Engineering

Over the last four decades, AEG has established one of the finest reputations in the industry for providing quality engineering services throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. With a highly skilled staff that includes engineers, geologists, surveyors, hydrologists, soils engineers, environmental specialists, and GIS professionals, AEG offers a depth of expertise not commonly found in a municipal consulting firm.

Environmental Management

From traditional municipal engineering services to watershed management to environmental assessments to determine the impact of growth on wetlands, farmland, water quality, and endangered species, AEG works hand-in-hand with municipalities to help them address the needs of a growing population while preserving and protecting a somewhat fragile environment and meeting regulatory requirements.

Water Resources

Population demands, concern about adequate water supplies, and environmental regulation have made water one of the biggest challenges faced by municipalities in the 21st Century. In addition to performing hydrologic and hydraulic analyses, designing water treatment systems and developing new water sources, AEG is prepared to assist municipalities in meeting federal Phase II stormwater regulations, complete watershed assessment and restoration projects under Growing Greener projects, and land use and water resources planning under the Growing Smarter Initiative.

Municipal and Authority Services Services

• Civil Engineering Services
• Traffic and Transportation Engineering
• Site Engineering and Design
• Stormwater and Floodplain Management
• Water and Wastewater Design
• Planning Services
• Geotechnical Engineering
• Environmental Assessments and Permitting
• Watershed and Water Resources Management
• Ordinances and Design Manuals
• Geographic Information Systems
• Surveying and Mapping
• Grant and Loan Assistance

For assistance with municipal engineering services please contact:
Brent J. Basom, PE, Executive Vice President, @ or 484-920-8019