PRPA On-Call

PRPA | Philadelphia County, PA

AEG is a member of the winning teams selected for three on-call engineering services contracts for the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority (PRPA). The PRPA is responsible for the management, maintenance, promotion, and development of the port facilities along the Delaware River. The open-end agreements cover environmental, marine, and civil/structural engineering. AEG is providing geotechnical, civil, structural, environmental, lab testing, and survey services. AEG’s survey responsibilities include the coordination of field-run surveying, performing topographic surveys, property line surveys, and construction stakeout.

AEG’s task order assignments included concrete coring and unconfined compressive strength testing activities at the worksite at Pier 84S in the Port of Philadelphia. The concrete cores were tested for unconfined compressive strength at AEG’s in-house AMRL Certified Materials Testing Laboratory. Cores were sampled and tested from the north and east facing pier walls. All cores were drilled to approximately 12” -13” in length and were trimmed in the laboratory to the appropriate length for Unconfined Compressive Strength Testing. The extracted concrete did no exhibit any visible cracks or weathering other than the exposed surface.

AEG also provided load analysis for the Pier 84 building. AEG calculated loads on the building. The load analysis included dead load, live load, wind load, and snow load as per IBC 2015 and ASCE load manuals. The loads were calculated at the base of the columns above top of the footings.

AEG provided survey and base plan services for the redevelopment of a 22-acre parcel. AEG performed a PA One Call, surveyed existing site structures, and prepared a preliminary base plan for the site.

AEG is providing surveying, geotechnical, and environmental services for the development of an auto storage facility on 70.6 acres. AEG has performed a PA One Call, surveyed existing features pertinent to the project, prepared a preliminary base plan, and will perform a post-demo survey of any affected areas following the demolition of several on-site buildings. AEG will provide geotechnical analysis and recommendations related to the proposed fill area, levee, and high mast lights for the parking lot as well as pavement recommendations. AEG will also complete infiltration testing and provide recommendations for stormwater management on the site. Assistance will also be provided in securing environmental permits for the project.