Communities depend on having a modern, efficient transportation system, and AEG has partnered with state, federal, and local agencies on countless highway improvement projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic States. In our work, AEG strives to maintain balance between paving the way for progress and preserving and protecting our natural resources. From two-lane roads to multiple-lane highways, the AEG transportation team has the comprehensive skills to complete a successful transportation project, including environmental, geotechnical, and highway design.

The AEG staff has participated in a wide variety of highway and roadway rehabilitation projects, including major sections of freeways, interstate highways, interchanges, toll roads, grade separations and intersections, urban arterials, city streets, and rural roadways. Our transportation engineering work has included alternatives analysis, conceptual and preliminary design, engineering analysis, detailed design and construction drawings, and specifications and contract documents, as well as construction oversight and inspection.

AEG is a full-service consulting firm, and our transportation engineering staff is supported by in-house specialists in field surveying, geology, hydrology/hydraulics, environmental sciences, and construction services.

AEG provides a thorough knowledge of planning responsibilities, citizen involvement techniques, and an understanding of the appropriate environmental processes required to select transportation solutions before final design is initiated. Public participation is also critical to the success of many transportation projects, and AEG has considerable experience incorporating a variety of techniques to solicit public input and gain consensus.

Transportation Services

Traffic and Highway Design
• Traffic Counts/Analysis
• Origin-Destination Studies
• Transportation Needs Documentation
• Signal Design/Warrants
• Geometrics
• Sequence/Phasing of Construction
• Maintenance and Protection of Traffic Plans
• Pavement Surveys, Testing and Design
• Grading and Planting Plans
• Specifications and Contract Documents
• Construction Specifications and Compliance

Drainage Design
• Hydrology/Hydraulics (Bridges and Roadway)
• Erosion/Sediment Pollution Control
• Stormwater Management and Water Quality Mitigation
• Permitting

Environmental Clearances
• Geomorphological Surveys
• NEPA Documentation
• Wetland Delineation, Assessment & Mitigation
• Wetland Replacement
• Stream Relocation and Restoration
• Hazardous Waste Investigations (Phase 1, II & III)
• Noise Monitoring, Analysis & Mitigation & Vibration Studies
• Sound Barrier Design

Soils and Geotechnical Engineering
• Geophysical Surveys
• Quantities and Construction Cost Estimates
• Soil and Rock Testing
• Instrumentation of Earthworks and Rock
• Foundation Inspection and Construction Monitoring

For assistance with transportation services please contact:
Donald E. Stark, P.E., Business Development Manager, @ or 484-920-8019