USACE IDC Task Order 2

United States Army Corps of Engineers | Monroe County, PA

AEG was selected as prime consultant engineer to assist Tobyhanna Army Depot (TYAD) to meet Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) and Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) permit requirements due to surface contamination of some of their existing water supply wells. Under contract with the USACE, AEG was tasked to completed field investigations, produce design documents and construction documents and complete regulatory compliance to develop for four replacement water supply wells, pump houses, and water supply and treatment systems and infrastructure. A hydrogeologic investigation was required to evaluate the proposed location of the replacement water supply wells.

AEG scope of services included preparing preliminary documentation and reporting following the USACE and TYAD standards, performing initial filed data collection including hydrogelogic, environmental existing water supply infrastructure. AEG was responsible for the administration of the well drilling contract and performed drilling inspection to ensure that the water wells we drilled and developed per both TYAD and PADEP standards. Once the four wells were drilled and preliminary analysis determined that the well aquifer was viable, AEG performed and supervised the pump step and aquifer tests to confirm well viability. AEG continued with preliminary engineering and final design and construction documents for designing the implementation of the new wells and the water supply infrastructure to tie into the existing TYAD system. Due to the inclusion of four new wells, the water supply chemical treatment, electrical and communication and safety systems all needed to be upgraded. AEG prepared all documentation not only to USACE and TYAD standards but also per requirements of the PADEP and DRBC. AEG was responsible for submission of all regulatory documentation including all necessary permits required for the water well installation operations including permits from PADEP, DRBC, and the Monroe County Conservation District.

Permits included water allocation and withdrawal water supply, NPDES for stormwater and post construction stormwater management, and erosion and sediment pollution control.

In order to prevent and to provide for abatement and control of any environmental pollution arising from our activities in the performance of this contract, the AEG complied with all applicable Federal, State, and local laws, regulations, and ordinances concerning environmental pollution control and abatement.