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Our People

Our People

Our team takes pride in producing high quality work, having an excellent attention to detail, utilizing innovative designs, and being very responsive to our clients’ requests

Our People

Vijay Gupta, PhD, PE

Vijay Gupta, PhD, PE


Dr. Vijay Gupta, PhD, PE started AEG in 2010. For over three decades, he has provided structural engineering design and construction support services for various structures for state, local, and federal projects. Dr. Gupta has taught structural engineering and bridge design/rehabilitation classes to undergraduate and graduate students at prestigious institutions, such as Temple and Widener Universities.

Brent Basom, PE

Executive Vice President

Brent Basom, PE started at GTS Technologies in 1998 and served as President when the company merged with AEG in 2015.  This means he has been with the company for 25 years!  He brings 34 years of geotechnical and geo-environmental experience, including project management and Quality Assurance oversight for design and construction-phase projects.  His design and administrative oversight efforts ensure proficient, organized project delivery.

Craig Welfer, PE

VP/Director of Geotechnical Services

Craig Welfer, PE started with the company in 1999. He has provided quality geotechnical engineering services for more than 30 years. His design experience includes shallow and deep foundations for structures such as bridges, buildings, and retaining walls. He oversees AEG’s Geotechnical Department, is responsible for the QA/QC of technical reports, and provides geotechnical support during construction.

Andrew Parker

VP/Director of Environmental Services

Mr. Andrew Parker joined AEG in 2010 and serves as the Director of Environmental Services. He boasts more than 37 years of significant experience in environmental management, permitting, and mitigation. Mr. Parker’s environmental portfolio spans from project management on stream restoration projects and open-end contracts to $400-million, high-profile public works projects.

James Wagner, PLS

Survey Manager

Mr. James Wagner, PLS started with AEG in 2016 and brings over 44 years of surveying experience. He coordinates survey information between the field and office and implements specific quality control measures to ensure the accuracy of plans and data. Mr. Wagner has excellent experience working on PennDOT, PTC, and municipality projects throughout the Commonwealth.

Eric Weltmer

Construction Services Manager

Mr. Eric Weltmer brings two decades of experience, including 16 with AEG. He oversees AEG’s Construction Services Department and excels at managing numerous field inspectors providing services at various job sites concurrently. His heavy involvement with City of Philadelphia work, particularly for PWD GSI work, makes Mr. Weltmer an asset to AEG’s success.

Lorraine Castranio


Mrs. Lorraine Castranio has been with AEG since 2005. As AEG’s Controller, she oversees the company’s accounting operations. Furthermore, she has contributed to AEG’s success over the years. She is AEG’s “go-to” person for anything about the company’s operations.

Dana DaShiell

Marketing Coordinator

Mrs. Dana DaShiell began with AEG in 2016 and is responsible for all of AEG’s marketing activities, including proposal coordination, marketing material preparation, digital marketing efforts, and more. She can perfectly tailor resumes and other teaming material to fit any proposal and show why AEG is the best pick for the job.

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