Coplay Creek Stream Bank Restoration

A successful stabilization project that improved water quality and reduced pollutant loads in Coplay Creek

  • Owner: Whitehall Township
  • Location: Lehigh County, PA

About this Project

This project involved the stabilization of Coplay Creek by Whitehall Township’s Pollution Reduction Plan. Tasks included design work, bidding, permitting, construction oversight, and public involvement. AEG served as the prime consultant for this assignment and was responsible for providing all services to the Township.

With a clear understanding of the proposed work, AEG was able to put together a plan to repair and stabilize the eroded banks along Coplay Creek with natural bank stabilization methods. Deliverables include plans, specifications, and cost estimates for the work to improve water quality and reduce pollutant loads using environmentally beneficial stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs).

After the start of this project, the Township requested that AEG provide additional services for the permitting and design work for a fish habitat enhancement. This required additional survey and permitting efforts.

AEG processed a General Permit No. 1 for Habitat Improvement and a No. 3 for Stream Bank Stabilization. An Erosion & Sediment Plan was developed for Lehigh County Conservation District approval for the proposed construction. In addition, AEG coordinated a PA One Call system and associated utility coordination, performed a Pennsylvania Natural Diversity Index search (PNDI), and mailed out ACT-14, 67, 68-local government notifications.

AEG organized a public meeting to present the program, which included plan renderings and other exhibits to illustrate the proposed improvements for Coplay Creek. The public meeting included a forum to address the project’s concerns about improving water quality, landscaping, and the water quality benefits to the community.

Using our in-depth experience, AEG assisted the Township with the bidding process. Construction oversight ensured that construction efforts and field work complied with the approved plans and specifications. This effort also included the field survey of the stormwater improvement and BMPs.

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