Beacon Hill Trail

This trail connects two local neighborhoods

  • Owner: Lower Allen Township
  • Location: Cumberland County, PA

About this Project

Lower Allen Township engaged American Engineers Group, LLC (AEG) to provide professional engineering services to prepare construction documents for the Beacon Hill Trail Extension project. The design and construction of the trail extensions were completed using funds from the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP).

The Beacon Hill Trail Extension involved the completion of an existing trail from its terminus to Poplar Avenue. The extension covered a distance of approximately 1,500 feet. A side trail connects this new segment to another existing trail. This project also involved extending the trail through an undeveloped area and joining Beacon Hill Boulevard at its intersection with Poplar Avenue. The trail is ADA- compliant with an 8-foot wide pervious asphalt surface. A 107-foot long boardwalk carries the trail through a wetland area.

AEG’s services included the development of base mapping, identification of utilities, preparation of a Categorical Exclusion Evaluation, obtaining a Waterway Obstruction Permit, preparation of an Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Plan, preparation of a signing and pavement marking plan, trail design, preparation of construction documents, and advertising and award assistance.

This project extended the trail to a nearby thoroughfare, which improved usefulness to trail users and provided a missing trail link connecting the western portion of the Township to the eastern boundary. This missing link was part of the Township’s trail system master plan.

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