Pine Creek Connector Rail Trail

This project involved an extension to the 62-mile-long Pine Creek Rail Trail

  • Owner: Borough of Jersey Shore
  • Location: Lycoming County, PA

About this Project

American Engineers Group, LLC (AEG) provided preliminary engineering and final design services for a 1.5-mile extension to the Pine Creek Rail Trail, a nationally recognized, 65-mile-long recreational trail located in Tioga and Lycoming Counties, Pennsylvania. The trail extension parallels an active SEDA-COG rail line, continues through the Borough of Jersey Shore, and terminates at the Susquehanna River. Due to PennDOT funding, this project was overseen and processed through PennDOT’s ECMS system.

AEG coordinated a Level 1A Categorical Exclusion Evaluation to evaluate and minimize the potential for significant adverse impacts to the environment. AEG also performed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment to identify the presence of hazardous substances in property structures, soils, groundwater, and surface water. Our staff provided threatened and endangered (T&E) species/Pennsylvania Natural Diversity Inventory (PNDI) investigations to identify the presence of protected species or species of special concern. Wetland identification and delineation were performed by AEG. AEG also assisted in pedestrian movement assessment. Because a large portion of the trail is along a high railroad embankment, preliminary assessments were made on the stability of the embankment slope and conceptual mitigation/ avoidance measures were evaluated.

Our staff provided field topographic surveys to identify potential areas of concern within the project proximity and surrounding areas. This included 3D topographic surveys on an as-needed basis to further investigate specific areas.

AEG developed the site erosion and sediment control plan including drainage, stormwater best management practices (BMPs), and oversight of any temporary channels created during construction. AEG was responsible for performing deed searches, identifying utilities and property boundaries, and obtaining rights-of-way. A critical design responsibility was avoiding issues and obtaining concurrence from the SEDA-COG Joint Rail Authority. We also coordinated public involvement and assisted the Borough of Jersey Shore with obtaining and assessing bids.

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