Department of Streets On Call – GES

Assisting the City of Philadelphia with Vision Zero – an initiative to engineer City streets to reduce the risk of crashes and achieve zero traffic deaths by 2030

  • Owner: Philadelphia Department of Streets
  • Location: Philadelphia County, PA

About this Project

AEG is providing numerous services for this on-call engineering contract:

Cramp Elementary School Traffic Safety Improvements– This work order involved preliminary and final engineering design, obtaining permits, and furnishing construction documents for traffic safety improvement around Cramp Elementary School. The improvements in the neighborhood around the school will make the area safer for students to get to school by installing speed control solutions and upgraded pedestrian facilities. AEG is responsible for the survey and design of 54 ramps.

Hamilton Elementary Slow Zone Safety Improvements– This task order aims to improve the safety of intersections surrounding the Hamilton Elementary School, implement various slow zone methods, and increase curb height to deter illegal parking. AEG is responsible for the survey and design of 8 ramps.

Chelten & Greene Plaza Improvements– The purpose of this assignment is to provide engineering services, obtain permits, provide construction consultation services, and furnish a bid package for improvements to a transit plaza located at the northeast corner of Chelten Avenue and Green Street in Central Germantown. The goal is to create a plaza space that is larger, safer, and more open, to provide adequate and updated bus shelter space, and to connect the plaza to Vernon Park. AEG conducted field surveys, created basemaps for four ADA ramps, performed a PA One Call, and assisted with utility coordination and identifying potential utility relocations.

Fox Chase Lorimer Trail– The purpose of this assignment was to provide final design services for the Fox Chase Lorimer Trail. The AEG survey crew performed a topographic field run survey under the direction of a Pennsylvania Licensed Land Surveyor at the Rhawn Street area and former railroad right-of-way, the railroad Right-of-Way, and Burholme Avenue cul-de-sac area, and for ADA ramp design for four ramps. AEG performed a PA One Call to have underground utilities marked in the field and to obtain any utility plans, established horizontal and vertical control points, surveyed all existing features, and prepared a baseplan showing all surveyed features.

Cottman Avenue Streetscape Conceptual Design– The purpose of this assignment was to provide a conceptual plan and construction estimate for Cottman Avenue improvements. AEG’s survey responsibilities included a topographic survey from Cottman Avenue from the west side of Roosevelt Boulevard; surveying all the existing features pertinent to the projects necessary to complete the streetscape design, GSI, and ADA ramps; and plotting the existing utilities in accordance with the GSI survey and PennDOT drawing standards.

Bridge Load Ratings– For this work order, AEG conducted load ratings for seven structures located throughout the City. A Bridge Load Rating Analysis was prepared for each structure. The calculations aimed to determine each bridge’s live load operating and inventory rating factors.

Photo Courtesy of the City of Philadelphia

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