Department of Streets On-Call – STR

AEG is responsible for providing as-needed services for projects located throughout the City of Philadelphia

  • Owner: Philadelphia Department of Streets
  • Location: Philadelphia County, PA

About this Project

AEG is providing numerous services for this on-call engineering contract:

30th Street Viaduct Rehabilitation– This project involves the preliminary design for the 30th Street Viaduct Structure Rehabilitation. The structure spans from Market Street to Walnut Street in University City and over Lower 30th Street. The scope of rehabilitation includes deck and stringer replacement and structural steel repairs to the floor beams and columns. This project has significant traffic control, public involvement, and constructability components, given the site location. The structure is being inspected to determine structural sufficiency and identify the best rehabilitation alternatives. AEG’s survey crew performed a topographic survey of the upper and lower levels of the structure. They surveyed all accessible elements of the superstructure and substructures and collected details to relate the structure to the existing plans. All field-located data was collected by conventional survey methods using electronic total stations and data collection equipment, facilitating the analysis and processing of data into AEG’s computer system. A base plan was developed. AEG performed an abbreviated Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) to identify potential contamination in the project vicinity, including sampling sources of lead-based paint and asbestos-containing materials.

Swanson Street– This project involves the resurfacing and reconstruction of Swanson Street between Columbus Boulevard and Oregon Avenue within the City of Philadelphia. The proposed construction includes roadway improvements, stormwater drainage improvements including green stormwater infrastructure (GSI), roadway reconstruction, pavement markings, traffic signal improvements, sidewalk construction including pedestrian bump-outs, traffic control signage upgrades, and streetscape features consistent with the City’s Vision Zero initiative.  As a part of this project, the signalization of the current four-way stop intersection of Swanson Street and Snyder Avenue is planned. AEG is responsible for reviewing survey data performed by others during preliminary design, verifying the existing property lines established by others, verifying the list of property owners and adjacent property owners, and completing supplemental surveys. AEG is working with the City regarding the potential abandonment of a nearby railroad. Once finalized, AEG will lead the utility and roadway coordination tasks, including investigating existing utilities. AEG will then conduct Phase II hazardous waste activities.

Leverington Avenue Bridge– The overall purpose of this work order is to provide bridge inspection and recommendation services for the subject project. AEG recently provided survey services for this work order.

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