Rebuilding Community Infrastructure (Rebuild)

Building stronger communities: one park, recreation center, and library at a time

  • Owner: City of Philadelphia Managing Director
  • Location: Philadelphia County, PA

About this Project

 Rebuild is a multi-year program investing up to $500 million in Philadelphia communities over approximately seven years. The improvements will ensure that communities most in need of investment are better served by their neighborhood facilities. These investments will promote educational opportunities for children, support healthy lifestyles, improve public safety in our shared spaces, and create jobs across the city. Rebuild has three primary goals: revitalizing community spaces, engaging and empowering communities, and promoting economic opportunity.

Rebuild sites are selected based on the physical condition of the sites and how they align with Rebuild’s values of promoting equality and encouraging economic growth. There is a wide range of improvements at different sites. Some locations receive minor upgrades, such as new paving or fencing, while many sites involve demolition and construction of entirely new buildings and amenities.

AEG serves as a retained subconsultant for this project. In addition to geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, and surveying, AEG is providing construction inspectors at numerous sites throughout the City. Our inspectors work closely with project administration consultants and City Project Managers to ensure proper construction techniques, appropriate materials, and safe work methods are employed at all project sites. AEG’s inspectors attend kick-off meetings, meet with union subcontractors, maintain schedule control, and perform final walk-throughs while completing daily reports on each project while tracking each project’s costs. Our inspectors have overseen improvements to 39 sites, including recreation centers, community centers, playgrounds, libraries, etc.

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