PA Turnpike Open Road Tolling Conversion

As an ongoing effort to modernize, All-Electronic Tolling has been implemented across the entire Turnpike System

  • Owner: Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
  • Location: Statewide 

About this Project

AEG currently provides various services on multiple contracts to design open road tolling (ORT) zones in numerous locations throughout the Commonwealth. Our services include surveying, geotechnical, environmental permitting, and structural engineering. We are involved with many sections of both the Mainline and the Northeast Extension for these contracts, and we are responsible for numerous task orders being assigned simultaneously.

AEG is responsible for geotechnical investigations, including preparing geotechnical reports, administering the boring contract, and performing soil and rock testing in AEG’s in-house AMRL-certified Laboratory. AEG performed and checked the foundation design for gantry structures, reviewed shop drawing reviews for the erection of gantry structures, and designed and checked shop drawings for the temporary excavation support system needed to construct the foundation of the structures. Environmental responsibilities for this assignment include wetland identification and delineation, bog turtle habitat clearance, and attending agency meetings. Survey responsibilities involve GNSS control surveys, topographic surveys, utility marking, deed mosaic preparation, core boring stake-out and survey, Right-of-Way plan preparation, and more.

AEG assisted with the design of the demolition of various structures, including toll collection gantries, numerous buildings, plaza canopies, toll islands, and storage sheds at four sites located on the Northeast Extension. We were responsible for surveying, Right-of-Way activities, and environmental permitting.

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