PhilaPort Pier 98 Annex

Stormwater upgrades at PhilaPort’s largest pier

  • Owner: PhilaPort
  • Location: Philadelphia County, PA

About this Project

This project involved the installation of four subsurface stormwater detention and slow-release structures at an existing parking facility on PhilaPort’s Pier 98 Annex. Initially, AEG provided environmental services for this assignment. As the project progressed, AEG’s scope increased to include survey, construction oversight, and documentation services.

AEG sampled and analyzed the Pier 98 Annex waste soil stockpiles. This work included environmental soil sampling and soil chemistry analysis for soil disposal in accordance with PADEP’s 2020 clean-fill policy. The environmental soil sampling and analysis program was used to identify soil contamination at each of the three waste soil stockpiles. The results were compared with PADEP’s Statewide Health Standards and clean fill limits to determine if contamination existed and to identify what type of facility was required to dispose of the waste soil. A summary report was prepared.

AEG’s On-Site Construction Inspectors were responsible for periodically documenting, photographing, and reporting the project construction activities at the site. Specific tasks included documenting the observed construction activities and comparing them with the project design plans while noting discrepancies, photographing critical elements of the work activities each day, and producing daily reports stating the construction activities, as-build changes, and the Contractor’s compliance to design plans and specifications, etc.

Efforts were taken to ensure that the AEG’s On-Site Technician was on-site for certain milestone events, including City of Philadelphia Special Inspections and critical stages, to document occurrence or status.

In addition to environmental consultation and construction inspection services, AEG performed a Final As-Built Survey.

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